Our mission is to democratize access to the career advice underserved youth need to create professional goals and understand their personal paths to those goals. CareerVillage.org enables young people to get that advice by giving them access to professionals from whom to seek guidance. Together they make up our community.

We want people to get the most out of CareerVillage, so we created guidelines to help community members understand how best to contribute. To ensure what’s posted on CareerVillage meets these guidelines, every piece of content is looked at and moderated for appropriateness. We also offer coaching to our community members to make their advice the best available anywhere.

What you can expect to see in our guidelines:

CareerVillage.org Community Members

You can see the full description of each user type in our Terms of Service.

Students are advice seekers, typically between the age of 13-24, and have not yet entered the workforce.

Professionals give Students advice. They are most typically out of school and in the workforce. Sometimes professionals are employees of companies who have formed a partnership with us (click here to read more about our corporate partnerships).

Educators are our career readiness champions, who incorporate CareerVillage into their curriculums to get Students on to the platform.

CareerVillage.org Community Team

Our community team enforces our guidelines.

Moderators (a.k.a “Mods”)
Mods are CareerVillage users-turned-volunteers who commit to (collectively) looking at every piece of content that’s posted on CareerVillage.org. Their role is to ensure the community is following our guidelines. Typically mods do not take direct corrective action.

Administrators (a.k.a “Admins”)
Admins are CareerVillage.org staff members, contractors, or other team members who support Mods in ensuring content on CareerVillage meets our Community Guidelines, and take action on the actual moderation and coaching of content on the site.

Coaches are people who contact other members of the community to proactively provide coaching or suggestions to make sure advice on CareerVillage is the best you can find on the internet. They know all the content Do’s and Don’ts, outlined below, and coach community members on how to post great content.

If you want, you can also be a member of our community team. We enable, encourage, and expect community members to get involved with the moderation of content on CareerVillage. When you see something that doesn’t meet our guidelines, please flag it using the buttons on the site or email us at hello@careervillage.org if you see something that doesn’t look right.

What is not allowed

We do not tolerate any form of disrespectful or degrading behavior on CareerVillage, and moderate for content that distracts the community from what they’re there to do. Subjects and behavior we never allow on CareerVillage are outlined below:

Do’s and Don’ts

For Students


For professionals


What we do when content doesn’t meet our guidelines

Much of the content that violates the guidelines outlined above gets blocked by default before it even gets posted. On the rare occasion inappropriate content doesn’t automatically get caught, we take immediate action to rectify the situation. When our Community team believes content can be improved, or it doesn’t meet the guidelines outlined here, they’ll take action to coaching them to make it better.

Depending on the content and its intent, we will do one or more of the following things:

Exceptions: If there is a reason to make an exception to the guideline, or if something is flagged as inappropriate but does not meet any guideline outlined here, then Admins will discuss and come to a decision on how to address the issue.

Changes to our guidelines

You can see when our guidelines were last updated at the bottom of this post. Updates to our guidelines will inevitably be made as our community grows. When a change is made we will update the guidelines immediately and summarize that update at the bottom of this page in the changelog. We will not notify the community of every change, but do encourage you to check back here to see the changelog as often as you like.